fedora 9 for me so far

May 15, 2008

Here’s what I’ve seen that’s irked me in f9 thus far:

1. bug in yum which is now fixed upstream keeping yum from doing the right thing about conditionally installed pkgs in groups already being installed (silly). It’ll be in an update in testing tomorrow.

2. PK ignoring my preferences and annoying me about updates that I don’t care about.

3. _something_ makes firefox and liferea stall out for a long time. This may not be a bug – it may actually be my hard drive trying to die on me.

Things I’m quite happy with:

1. usb persistence may actually save my butt

2. pybackpack works still. (If you think this is not a big deal please see #3 in the above list)

3. We’re seeing some pretty phenomenal numbers of downloads and a lot of overall excitement about this release.

That’s what I have, thus far.


5 Responses to “fedora 9 for me so far”

  1. Harald Hoyer Says:

    Hmm, I saw the stalls also. Especially with autofs and nfs active.

  2. davidnielsen Says:

    The entire desktop is acting horribly, much is to blame on:

  3. bochecha Says:

    Here the cause of the stall in Firefox (and all gecko apps as you mention Liferea and I noticed this in Epiphany too): http://jasondclinton.livejournal.com/66300.html

    Very annoying :S

    About the yum bug, I didn’t see any problem, do you have a link to the bug?

  4. Rahul Sundaram Says:

    Yum bug is reported and fixed at


  5. Deji Says:

    Have tried to start with a fresh profile (for the firefox problem)? I was experiencing the same stalling, but when then backup my .mozilla and restart firefox, the stalling seems to go away.

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