changes at planet fedora

May 19, 2008

I’m making some changes with how we build up the list of folks/rss feeds for the fedora planet. We’re making it more self-service and a bit easier to maintain for the admin group (and specifically easier for me to put up with). For all the people currently on the planet please follow these instructions to make sure your feed stays on there:

These instructions will be added to the wiki after the wiki migration happens next week.

Let me know what problems you have, too.

3 Responses to “changes at planet fedora”

  1. quaid Says:

    Just curious if the documentation reflects the current functionality entirely? Or do you have the per-language, per-SIG capability cooked in already?

  2. Christoph Says:

    I think there is a field missing: URL. In the planet we have both URL and feed, but in the .planet file we only have the feed. I guess the script should derive the URL from the feed, but if the feed for example is how does your skript know if the URL is or

  3. […] and another a couple of tips for icon creation) but at the same time I wanted to test Seth’s changes at Planet Fedora (more about coolness potential in it in a future post) and I had to update the countdown, as it is […]

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