things to not do

June 15, 2008

don’t ever press ‘hibernate’ on your keyboard when you’re only ‘hard drive’ is an sd card and it is 8GB

scribble, scribble, scribble

On the plus side – I’ve setup alpine to handle my email accounts on my slicehost. So I can send and receive email, which is nice. Shockingly email in alpine doesn’t make me cry. It’s weird how much muscle-memory returns using [al]pine. I guess using it for years etched itself across my hands.

I’ve got partial jabber access via gmail – working on more than that now.

Irc was easy once I remembered my frelling dircproxy password. 🙂

and I’ve got a quasi functional system using the usb live key.

There’s also been some progress on my “Trying to buy a new laptop” saga. If things arrive tomorrow (as ups claims they will) I shall update and cry-out triumphantly, or something.


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