fudcon – first night

June 19, 2008

Had dinner with a small group of people then miss chang wanted to go to the harvard bookstore afterward. We mosey over. We walk in and I notice a distinctive looking individual browsing the books. I lean over to Mike McGrath and say “umm, isn’t that richard stallman?”. He agrees it might be. I decide to ask. It is in fact RMS. We say hello and introduce ourselves. Tell him thanks for the things he started, etc. He says if we want to show our thanks we should refer to our work as free software not open source software. Which isn’t an unreasonable request. 🙂

This fits in well with my past experiences in cambridge.


One Response to “fudcon – first night”

  1. spot Says:

    You know, lately, I’ve been trying to make a conscious decision to use the term “FOSS” more. Its not “GNU/Linux” or anything wacky, but it seems more appropriate.

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