dear rhythmbox

July 18, 2008

I realize that random can mean ‘random’. I also realize that in some people’s books listening to Billy Joel makes me a type of criminal. However, I think ‘Uptown Girl’ 3 times in a row is just kinda wrong. huh?


5 Responses to “dear rhythmbox”

  1. kyle Says:


    you must be using the debian openssl library.

    regards, kyle

  2. Onkar Says:

    I sympathize with you.
    I never had to listen same song three times in a row. But I had to listen multiple songs being played more than once in a single session of around 1-2 hours. 😦

  3. stickster Says:

    That’s it, I’m switching to Manilow.

  4. /me queues up lots of Iron Maiden to block out the pain.

  5. Casey Dahlin Says:

    I was looking at doing a smart shuffle feature for rhythmbox a while back that used fuzzy logic to determine which songs were more optimal to play next. True story.

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