July 21, 2008

Saturday morning – midnight – watched the ending to dr. horrible. The ending, while a bit sad and dark was still fantastic. Consistent with what Whedon has done on many other occasions and as one commenter on whedonesque.com wrote: “This is an origin story” which gives it more sense. Thoroughly enjoyed the musical and while I’d be happy to see more of them, b/c they’re fantastically funny, I’m fine with the ending we got out of it.

Saturday afternoon it was hot and kinda miserable outside so I went to one of the coffeeshops nearby and I wrote some more on some docs I’ve been working on. They’re shaping up reasonably nicely. Mostly they’re docs to fill in the spaces on some of the things yum/createrepo/yum-utils can do and to help explain things about how and why to manager repos and systems in certain ways. If you want to see more you can look in the yum-docs git repo.

Saturday evening went out in the torrentially pouring rain for the habitat for humanity full moon ride. The last time I did this ride it was wet and spitting rain and completely covered in clouds. This time it was raining like piss from a boot when I started out and visibility was, umm, poor. It would have been better if I hadn’t forgotten my bag when I left and had to turn around on my way there come back and get it. But the thing to remember is this: Once you decide you’re okay being soaked all the way through on every layer, it really does get easier. It was just an enormous amount of water, after all. 🙂

It ended up drying off and clearing away which was good, we actually got to see the moon, which was nice for a change. I kinda wish they hadn’t made us stop every 3 miles or so, that got a bit old.

Sunday was slow day. Coffee shop, crosswords, made pancakes with the girl, sat and read things, talked about cellphones for a while, then later we made completely kickass food for dinner. Seriously, good stuff. These are some of our Sunday dinners. It’s nice to have the kitchen back and sane.

That was most of my weekend.


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