July 25, 2008

Hi folks,

$packagename-owner@fedoraproject.org email aliases now work. The aliases map to anyone on the notify list for a package.

Yay for new/more spam! 🙂

4 Responses to “$packagename-owner@fedoraproject.org”

  1. Yay: 60 new email adresses…

    Thanks for another 60 email adresses, Seth.

  2. stickster Says:

    Glad I orphaned drivel for F10. 🙂

    Seriously though, it’s good to be reachable for problems, so we can helpfully (and KINDLY!) instruct end users how to help us by filing bugs. I think I’ll post something about that, seeing as how I’m Mr. Sermonizer of late… Hey, that would make a good comic book hero (villain?): The Sermonizer. With the power to put his enemies into a deep coma of sleep by proselytizing them on common sense and manners.

  3. Marland V. Pittman Says:


    Oh noes… what am I going to use to make blog posts?

    More to the point. What if this doesn’t solve the issue of package actually doing anything. I’m not saying they aren’t, because I don’t know. I’m just wondering how a user says:

    “Man, I wish that packageX included optionY in Fedora. I’m tired of compiling from source. How do I make my request heard?”

    Having the e-mail address is good, but how do we make that known to end-users? If I’m not mistaken, there’s a request list on the fedoraproject.org site, and I guess bugzilla. Are we just adding another way of communicating to a package owner who is probaly overwhelmed by bugzilla requests?

    Maybe have that e-mail address just pipe into a bugzilla report filed against the package? Dunno, just a random thought. Keep making Fedora rock.

  4. After some years of use I find these email addresses most useful for communication between the maintainers of a package, not for end-user contact (bugzilla is the path for that).

    If a package maintainer do not respond to obvious bugzilla requests then there is reason to suspect he has become unresponsive and the packages may in fact have been effectively orphaned even if still having an assigned maintainer.

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