it’s like a cartoon

July 30, 2008

Remember Captain Planet on saturday morning cartoons? He and his weird gang of children stopped evil corporations from intentionally and with malice polluting and despoiling the planet. I always thought it was a bit hokey b/c I didn’t think people were that willfully malicious about polluting. I figured they were trying to make money and just being willfully ignorant of the problems they were causing. Not intentionally malicious.

And then you read something like this. And you think. Well, maybe they are being willfully malicious.

“… the suit accuses Chevron of responsibility for the dumping (allegedly conducted by Texaco, which Chevron bought in 2001) of billions of gallons of toxic oil wastes into the region’s rivers and streams.”

Yes, they dumped toxic oil wastes into the amazon. Apparently later they went out and roasted and ate a whole bushel of kittens to celebrate.


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