I was in the future this morning

August 4, 2008

I got a request to talk to someone in google talk (using pidgin) that I didn’t know. Here’s the log:

(10:58:52 AM) soledad: Hola silvia como tai??
(10:59:04 AM) me: I think you have the wrong person
(10:59:07 AM) me: my name is seth vidal
(10:59:18 AM) me: I live in North Carolina in the United States
(10:59:30 AM) me: I’m sorry
(11:00:56 AM) soledad: Silvia????

At this point I went to http://translate.google.com and started typing what I wanted to say and pasting what they said back.

(11:02:33 AM) me: Lo siento, no soy Silvia, mi nombre es Seth Vidal, yo vivo en Carolina del Norte.
(11:03:17 AM) soledad: me equivoque entonces, lo siento..
(11:03:24 AM) me: Lo siento no hablo español, estoy usando translate.google.com para traducir lo que estoy diciendo.
(11:03:43 AM) soledad: ok…lo siento
(11:04:14 AM) me: tener un buen día
(11:04:20 AM) me: 🙂
(11:04:29 AM) soledad: gracias..u igual

Not a perfect conversation but the point came across. So, when does the translate pidgin plugin happen? It may not be perfect but imperfect seems a bit better than talking at each other incomprehensibly.

Update: spot was nice enough to point out to me some abandoned plugins: http://code.google.com/p/lingua-franca/


4 Responses to “I was in the future this morning”

  1. Casey Dahlin Says:

    My spanish is only a little better than google’s but it seems to have done pretty well here.

  2. Félix Says:

    To be honest, in the current state of online translators, it would have been easier than you’d have run into something like this: http://adweek.blogs.com/adfreak/2008/07/then-well-grab.html


  3. vivflyz Says:

    Learn spanish is very very difficult! but that soledad seems to be from brazil, so she doesn’t speaks spanish at all… but the google is quite usefull!!
    I’m from Spain, and I’ve learned english reading Harry potter! haha it seems silly.. but I’ve learned quite fast… It’s better than learn in school! believe me..

  4. funnygirl Says:

    Viva La Evolucion 😉

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