August 11, 2008

Saturday out bright and early for bikefest over in hillsborough. Eunice and I did the 35 mile ride on the new tandem and were feeling pretty good about things. This is the first time we’ve done any distance greater than about 19 miles together and the first time on this tandem. Worked well. A few adjustments need to be made but overall, very smooth and comfortable ride. Nice day in hillsborough, beautiful weather, felt like april instead of august, most welcome.

Come home, nap, get up, start to work on the fig preserves. Screw them up pretty damned badly. Be angry and sad all at once. Watch Buffy episodes to improve my demeanor.

Sunday, slept late, went to Watts for brunch, come home, start working on pickling/canning okra. Come to discover that no, in fact, the plans we made to do that won’t work. That we’re just pretty much SOL b/c of complexities with the stove + canner + etc.

Decide  to consider our cooking/canning/preserving adventures a complete wash for this weekend and we get food and ice cream from wholefoods and spend the evening watching a movie and not thinking about cooking at all.

After that read a little bit and think about going to bed early so I can get up and get a fresh and good start on monday. Hopefully, w/o any cooking for me. Seems like the only thing I can effectively do is brew tea and fry things. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you)


2 Responses to “weekend”

  1. Karsten 'quaid' Wade Says:

    We’ve been doing lacto ferments with, for example, beans and beets from the garden. The fermentation is started either with a bit of liquid from another ferment (such as yogurt or sauerkraut) or as a wild ferment. The latter is easy because it uses the existing lacto bacillus present on the freshly picked vegetables.

    After all the work and trouble we’ve had with water bath canning, such as yesterday’s loss of a pint of fresh blackberry jam when the jar broke in the boiling water bath, my wife and I are really enjoying the extreme ease of the natural pickling.

    Grab a clean jar and lid, no special sterilization required (in fact, avoid chlorinated water). Fill with beans. Add a teaspoon or so of kosher or pickling salt, plus herbs such as garlic, fresh basil, or chilis. Add water to cover, then loosely attach the lid. The gassier parts happen within the first few weeks, and a slower, longer ferment happens over the following months.

    Now the challenge is finding or creating a cool enough cabinet to store all this for Winter.

  2. wade vidal Says:

    some times the best learning experinces are the failures, they are not much fun , but help us understand what we don’t know about the process.

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