createrepo logo graphic

September 30, 2008

Dear World,

createrepo is a kind of boring program, but it is no less deserving of a schnazzy logo graphic like yum has.

Can some kind soul make something simple but schnazzy for createrepo? If not you’ll force me to use gimp’s logo tool and we’ll end up with an alien-glow logo, wouldn’t that just be sad?


bailout terms

September 23, 2008

Listening to NPR this morning I was amused to hear that various republicans were outraged that house and senate democrats wanted to put paycaps on executive salaries of the companies that the government would be bailing out of this whole fiasco. I was more amused to then here that the various republicans were in positions to benefit from their NOT being paycaps. It’s sad when the party that wrecked america (the republicans in case it wasn’t clear) can be so blantantly and bald-faced greedy.

I support the democrats who wish to put more controls on the industry and to allow bankruptcy judges to rewrite the terms of bad loans. However, I’d like to add an addendum to the paycap rules. It would go something like this: If you’re an executive of a company being bailed out then you have failed to do your job. Therefore, your options are limited. You may: 1. resign w/no severance and no golden parachute – you simply get to walk away. If you choose this option you are restricted from working in any field related to finance for the next 10 years. 2. You may choose to stay on, but you are now working for the US Gov’t and you will be paid commensurate with a private in the us. army. You are drafted into service of the gov’t and you are not allowed to leave until your term of service (4 years) is up.

In short, I’d just like to say that I understand the need to shore up this industry with tax payer money but I will be goddamned if I’m going to tolerate someone bringing in a 2 million dollar salary from tax money b/c they did a crappy job.

happy equinox everyone

September 22, 2008

Today is the autumnal equinox. It’s officially Fall. You can break out the hot tea, apple cider and pumpkin pies, now.


September 19, 2008

A while back I mentioned a system-autodeath idea for fedora. For some
reason I had neglected it but this evening I put it together. If you
take a look it is utterly trivial and just uses cron to kill the default
route. I’m sure there are limitless ways this will not be perfect but I
think it will probably be good enough.

If you can come up with any way it is broken, let me know, otherwise
I’ll probably submit it for review.

Fedora Award – 2007

September 18, 2008

My Fedora Award – 2007

Originally uploaded by skvidal

So, apparently I got an award from fedora sometime in 2007. Somehow I never received it until yesterday when I had go into the office for this func thing. Anyway – long story short: here’s the fedora award in all its glory.

I’d like to thank the academy and all the producers and directors who made this possible. 🙂

I’d begun thinking that the rpm developers were unable to be captured on film, like vampires, but Marek has done the impossible:

From left to right: ffesti, jnovy, pmatilai

Woo hoo!

(yes, I am odd, whats your point?)

Something that came up at the board meeting today is that some folks are worried that their systems are not completely patched or current. That fedora infrastructure may have patches applied that we cannot tell people about.

Just to dispell this concern. Every package we (fedora infrastructure) have installed or updated on a system since the incident occurred is public and available.

I hope this helps.