tthhhpppt to the fwn planet fedora section

September 2, 2008

James Antill has written[9] a tutorial on the Python yum API, which is incredibly useful if you have ever wanted to do stuff with yum, but don’t know where to start and are afraid to ask Seth.”

James has done a very nice tutorial.

But contrary to popular opinion, I am a gorram sweetheart.


5 Responses to “tthhhpppt to the fwn planet fedora section”

  1. wade vidal Says:

    he is such a sweet boy pater

  2. James Antill Says:

    Well it depends on the point of comparison, for instance compared to the bubonic plague you are possitively warm and fuzzy!;)

  3. stickster Says:

    I suppose this is the part where I could jump in and let people know that you are a big softie who watches “Doctor Zhivago” at least once annually and cries a river. But only if you want me to do that.

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