king of fans, inc/Hampton Bay

September 6, 2008

I bought a hampton bay ceiling fan/light from home despot about a month and a half ago. It has a remote control. The fan is mounted directly over where I work the most and it has been a boon b/c it cools so nicely and the light bulbs are low power use but the proper kind of bright.  Then last Sunday “something” went wrong in the house causing the fan to die. I called an electrician who took a look, determined there was power to the circuit and that it must be in the fan. He checked for power on either side of the remote contol receiver and determined that the remote control receiver had died. I called the company who said since I had it for so short a time that they’d send me a new one, no questions asked, free of charge. It arrived today, I just put in the receiver and closed things back up. It’s running above me now cooling me rather nicely.

So I’m rather pleased with the result. I’d be more pleased if it hadn’t broken in the first place, but since it did break I’m pleased that they sent me the replacement part free of charge and quickly.


7 Responses to “king of fans, inc/Hampton Bay”

  1. Jared Smith Says:

    I’ve always had really good luck with Hunter Bay fans… I’ve got two of them in my house now, and they’re wonderful!

  2. brian Says:

    i have a hamton bay ceiling fan with light i drop my remote now it does not work were can i get another remote i hope you can help me thank you

  3. harry Says:


    i have same problem. did you find a source?

  4. Mike Says:

    Hampton Bay is a swear word in our house along with King of Fans. I needed 3 fans to match the fans in the house we built. I have now purchased more than 20 trying to find 3 that were within the balance tolerance. Never found three! 2 I was able to balance and the third I gave up and just can’t run the fan on high. They also advertise at Home Depot that they have gloss blades (which would match existing)but they have a satin finish instead. When talking with King of Fans I found nobody in that company knows the difference and they have way more attitude than knowledge. I have sent the blades to them twice at my expense and after explaining exactly what I needed, they sent back the wrong blades. They sent me exactly what I sent them. Never,Never,never again will I buy or even go to Hampton Bay!

  5. Ariel Pedrosa Says:

    need some help requesting replacement parts for a
    hampton bay ceiling fan model;54SHRL, Upc #082392552954, please contact me @ the above email address or call me @931-561-2217

  6. 7 blade ceiling fans have much better performance compared to those three bladed fans .,:

  7. sean Says:

    Why are the buttons on the remote for the hampton bay fan reversed.. dimmer works the fan and the fan buttons work the light?

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