quote of the week

October 18, 2008

From this article at lwn:

What you see in that Fedora thread is definitely “I want a Pony”. Too many people are basically taking the list of upsides to long term support, and the list of upsides for bleeding edge and thinking “I want everything on these lists, and nothing from the downside lists, and I don’t want to pay a dime or help make it happen”.




2 Responses to “quote of the week”

  1. Pete Zaitcev Says:

    While the quote sums up nicely much of the noise on the fedora-devel (and forums), I remain concerned that Ubuntu may continue to displace us. For much of the complaining about OS tourists, Dell ships netbooks with Ubuntu. It’s a fact, tourists or no tourists.

  2. Nicu Says:

    @Pete: You are right about that, but I don’t think “LTS” is the reason (no, I am not a lwn subscriber so can’t read the article cited). I think Ubuntu is where it is because is marketed to “end users”, as opposed to Fedora, which is marketed to “hobbysts”

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