weekend results

November 3, 2008

– about 40ish kids came by trick-or-treating. Nothing exciting to report there.

– Rode 68 miles on saturday on the tandem with the girl in the Halloween ride. This was our first metric century and I think we did pretty well. Kept eating thos pb&js at each of the rest stops and I didn’t feel like I was going to collapse. The ride was gorgeous, too. Trees were all sorts of shades of colors. Nice ride. a bit tired in the evening so we ordered a pizza from pops and watched a number of episodes of house and slothed 🙂

– Up this morning to Watts as usual.

– Back to the house to tear up the okra and tomato plants and generally clean up the yard. We refilled the raised beds and raked them out. Also planted garlic.

That has been my weekend.


One Response to “weekend results”

  1. wade vidal Says:

    sounds like more fun than i can stand pater

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