pleased with things

November 5, 2008

1. glad President-Elect Obama brought back the ‘yes we can’ theme in his acceptance speech.

2. glad liddy dole doesn’t get to screw with NC anymore. I also enjoyed Kay Hagan not-so-subtly referring to dole as the wicked witch in her acceptance speech.

3. glad it looks like I live in a blue state, now.

Dear Mass. residents,Ā  NC is just like Mass, now, but w/o all the bitter cold and snow. You’ll be happier that way, really. Also we have our very own Red Hat Office. It’s even the Head Quarters. šŸ™‚

4. pleased President-Elect Obama mentioned sacrifices that will need to be made in his acceptance speech. He did not try to paint an overly rosy picture.

5. pleased that there will be a puppy in the whitehouse in january. It seems likely that the puppy the Obamas pick out will be a rescued animal. Animal shelters all over the country will revel in that, of course.

6. pleased that we have a new president.


7 Responses to “pleased with things”

  1. wade vidal Says:

    long time listener first time caller ditto pater

  2. Thruhike98 Says:

    Color me “pleased” as well.
    Also, while you’re at it, color NC blue. šŸ™‚

  3. Luis Says:

    No, no, no, no! North Carolina is a horrible, horrible place, and everyone should stay away. At least until after I’ve moved back. Then you can inflate property values all you want.

  4. You may claim that NC is like MA now, but it has one major thing working against it: NC is in the south. Sorry, but that’s a major blow. And I feel qualified to say that[1].

    [1] I grew in GA, have family in GA, AL, MS, LA, and TN. Also, NC bbq sucks. Vinegar? Seriously?

  5. Seth Vidal Says:

    See the problem is you’ve not lived in the good states in the south: VA, NC. That’s where the good south is at. I grew up in central VA and moved to Asheville,NC then Durham, NC. VA and NC are great.

    Also – I’m of the opinion that no bbq is good bbq. It’s all meat and therefore bleah.

  6. Seth,

    At least we agree that NC bbq sucks. Sure, completely separate reasons, but we arrive at the same conclusion.

    Maybe there is a good part of the south. I never lived in VA or NC, and know very little about them. I’ve been to Raleigh once, which was for the 2 days of wasted time at RH orientation (seriously, why do I need to do a scavenger hunt around the RDU office?). I have driven through VA a good bit. I know of Wawa there, which are on-par with QuickTrip that we had in Atlanta.

    Still, the south in general is too conservative for my liking.

  7. Seth Vidal Says:

    come to durham sometime. I don’t think durham could get any darker blue politically. šŸ™‚

    We were also named America’s foodiest town. šŸ™‚

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