Yum Guides

November 12, 2008

We’ve been working on some simple guides for some common/useful yum/rpm/createrepo and I think some of them are quasi-useful. They were originally in a git repo but when the new trac instance and hosting for yum I moved them to the trac wiki, instead.

The base is here:


Not all of them are finished ,yet, some are just outlines. The more fleshed out ones are:





If you’d like to help work on them, open a trac account and let me know so I can give you edit access.

If there are more things you’d like to see explained or documented, file a ticket and let us know.


9 Responses to “Yum Guides”

  1. Thomas R. Says:

    Is there a way to tell yum to download compiling dependencies, say, for vlc? I thought there is some command for apt, but I never found one for yum.

  2. skvidal Says:

    I think you’re looking for yum-builddep

    It’s include in yum-utils.

  3. Thomas R. Says:

    Thank you very much, that was it 🙂 Wonder why I never found that one…

  4. skvidal Says:

    That’s what these pages are for and clearly it is something else i need to write about.

  5. Mike Says:

    Thanks seth, reposync was new to me, very useful.

    Recommended options to createrepo: -d and
    –unique-md-filenames ?

  6. Allen Halsey Says:

    I just read YumCommands, but now I’m confused.

    If there is a package named ‘available’, what will the following do:

    $ yum list available

    Similarly for ‘installed’, ‘extras’, ‘updates’, ‘obsoletes’, ‘all’, and ‘recent’.

  7. skvidal Says:

    yes, if anyone packages things named that then we beat them until they bleed.

  8. James Says:

    list sub-commands work first … so you want:

    yum list all available


    yum list available available

    …or, even better, don’t name packages available/installed/obsoletes/etc. 🙂

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