November 14, 2008

Newsflash: Desktops are not Servers. Servers are not Desktops.

Contrary to popular opinion, one size does NOT, in fact, fit all.

Why do we have to develop our distribution like one size fits all?

I don’t think we do.


6 Responses to “controversy”

  1. Wade Mealing Says:

    Perhaps because they are both being built from the same source packages ? Or is this one of those metaphorical questions, man I always mess those up.

    I’m sure this is related to a specific problem, although if you share it people will attack that issue rather than the point you are trying to make.

    Desktops are also not playstation 3s.

  2. I definitely lean towards the server side of things.

    It does seem that most of our advertised features are graphically/desktop-user oriented, and that we release too often for people to play with Fedora in server land adequately… (though the desktop users want recent stuff) though that’s a shame to limit those folks to EPEL’s corner when there is Fedora server action.


    Debian-unstable tended to have the new stuff at all times and you could stick with a more solid core. But I might just be remembering my previous experiences wrong. Pin-priorities were an annoyance with that.

  3. Aaron Says:

    Speaking from personal experience using older versions of Fedora (around FC4 iirc) as a server distro, the poor upgrade path, especially from a text-mode console, was a big stumbling block once I had the machine configured how I needed it. The pre-upgrade tool may help mitigate this going forward.

  4. Stephen Smoogen Says:

    Oh come on… we want 5 second startup on our servers.. I mean it will make it so much more painful to watch the 3 minute BIOS check of every piece of hardware going through their redundant paths…

    I have some ideas for suggestions.. but I am full of nyquil at the moment.

  5. Nicu Says:

    Some of us are not strictly speaking “desktop” or “server” users and fall somewhere in between, like for example the desktop of a web developer… so is human to want the best of both two worlds.

  6. skvidal Says:

    If you’re in between then you’re a desktop user.

    And the needs of the desktop should not preclude a good server from existing, ditto the needs of a server should not preclude a good desktop.

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