fedora scheduling

November 14, 2008


It’s not lowering our standards, it is accepting reality. Think of it like dealing with a physical force. Do you think of it as lowering your standards b/c you can’t get light to go any faster than C[1]? No, it’s one of those things you can’t change. Like fedora slipping a release date.

If there had EVER been a case of us hitting our target directly, that’d be one thing, but since there hasn’t been one….

[1] Before anyone cites the faster-than-light data transmission research from a few years back I’d like to say I worked across the hall from where that study occurred and had lunch almost daily with one of the primary folks who worked on it (Hi michael!). 🙂


3 Responses to “fedora scheduling”

  1. jjmcd Says:

    Seth, we shouldn’t beat ourselves up, we are doing well, perhaps not as well as we would like, but well. I don’t think pursuing excellence is a bad thing.

    Yes, when we miss our target we look less professional. We need to do better, but there is no doubt in my mind we can do better. I think John is close to on target.

    We need to keep tracking, and we probably need to track more closely. Right now we probably don’t have enough history since we started tracking late in the game. As we build the history we will get better at understanding what is realistic and what isn’t.

    Personally, the six month release schedule is a little short for my taste, but it is what we have committed to, so we ought to hit it. We need to use our tracking data to allow us to realistically size those releases so we can actually hit our target. We won’t be on target for 11, and probably not for 12. But if we keep good data on our performance, and use that data when wrangling features, beyond that we should be able to do what we promised.

  2. Stephen Smoogen Says:

    Well depending on how the faster than light transmission is done.. it might arrive before you started it which of course means.. we could fix our problems and meet our deadlines! Who cares about causality paradoxes…


  3. Kevin Kofler Says:

    @jjmcd: But as I wrote in my reply on mdehaan’s blog (yes, it’s a mess, all due to comments being disabled on the original post), the way to hit a specific target date is to actually schedule an even earlier release, then the slippage will just make you hit your original target.

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