python hashlib

January 28, 2009

Do you have a repository you made using yum and createrepo from rawhide but you need to access them from a rhel5/centos5 box? Do you find that no matter what you do you get invalid metadata checksums?

A few days ago I checked in some patches to yum and createrepo changing over the default checksum from sha1 to sha256. This is for security or something like that.

The problem is that python 2.4 in rhel5/centos5 doesn’t have support for the fancy new hashing library that came with python 2.5.

James wrote a very clever Checksum class a few months ago in yum.misc which plays ball properly with the various available hashing libs on the various python releases. That was very helpful but it doesn’t solve the more basic problem of there not being a ‘sha256’ object to base off of at all in python 2.4.

We ran into the above problem today on the fedora builders. So here’s how you can help you problem.

Grab these packages (built for rhel5):

and install them on your rhel5/centos5 box as well as installing the yum pkg from rhel5.3 and centos 5.3 (when it is released) or centos-plus.

Then you should be able to handle sha256 checksums on an el5-ish box.

lenovo warranty call

January 26, 2009

The battery in my much agonied lenovo x61s completely died last week. I’ve had the laptop for about 6-7 months now and the battery is completely dead. Would not charge at all. I tested it out on another laptop to see if it was my charger or the battery interface. No joy. I go to the lenovo website. I check the warranty info – it says warrantied for another 6 months. I give lenovo a call. I’m on hold for about 5-10 minutes. (Granted it was friday morning at 9am but that’s neither here nor there).  I talk to the rep who tells me that my battery warranty expired in July of 2007. Since I’ve only  had the laptop for 6 months I suggest to him that it is unlikely. He agrees and realizes someone mis-typed something. Gets the battery warranty matched up to the laptop warranty and tells me they’re shipping me a new battery to replace the one I have.

I suspected it would take a while and in the meantime I’m tethered to my power cord (no fun at all). I figured for at least half the week.

Fast forward to this morning at about 9:30am. I’m going out the door to go fetch coffee for the household. I turn the corner onto the side porch and what’s sitting there? A big box with a battery from lenovo.

Good show lenovo warranty fulfillment people.


January 25, 2009

/me wonders if he’s the only one on fedora planet who has a mute button and uses it along with the visual-bell? 🙂

fedora uniquity?

January 23, 2009

Idea from a post on f-a-b from greg:

An advertising campaign fedora needs:

Fedora works uniquely b/c it is made uniquely. – with a fedora laptop in the background

Fedora: It’s not for everyone – with a velvet rope line in the background

Fedora: The coolest of the cool kids are doing it. – with either sunglasses on a table or a pack of cigarettes.

Any artists?

a damn good start

January 22, 2009

I’m sure this is a common topic today but:

1. transparent gov’t

2. suspension of prosecutions

3. closure of gitmo

a damn good start.

fudcon broken yum devels

January 21, 2009

fudcon broken yum devels

Originally uploaded by skvidal

See, this is what happens. People are sneaking around with giant camera lenses and they capture people from rel-eng breaking yum developers in horrible ways.
Odd that James and I seem to have broken in the exact same way, though.

communication theme

January 19, 2009

I saw the posts by thorsten, greg and michael about making sure we don’t make too many decisions via discussions on irc, fudcon and nowhere else. I agree with all of that. I do think there is a relatively simple solution to the problem. I’ve been posting summaries the discussions that we had at fudcon to fedora-devel-list for open comments.  Some of the input back from the list has been helpful. Others of it have been less helpful. That’s just par for the course though.

I think it is worth mentioning something that a few folks overlook: Just b/c you add some input to a discussion doesn’t mean your input will be followed. So, sometimes decisions are made and that’s it. That doesn’t mean you were ignored. It often means that your ideas were heard, but not heeded for a variety of reasons. Please don’t take that as a snub. Take it as how things sometimes work.

If it happens ALL the time, then yes, either ALL your ideas are bad (which is hard to imagine unless you’re beating a VERY DEAD horse) or someone is being a jerk.

To all those discussing communication in fedora. Is it unreasonable to discuss at fudcon, on irc and on mailing lists? Is it crazy to expect fedora contributors to use at least one of those mechanisms for finding out what’s going on in fedora?

I don’t think it is unreasonable at all.