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January 19, 2009

I saw the posts by thorsten, greg and michael about making sure we don’t make too many decisions via discussions on irc, fudcon and nowhere else. I agree with all of that. I do think there is a relatively simple solution to the problem. I’ve been posting summaries the discussions that we had at fudcon to fedora-devel-list for open comments.  Some of the input back from the list has been helpful. Others of it have been less helpful. That’s just par for the course though.

I think it is worth mentioning something that a few folks overlook: Just b/c you add some input to a discussion doesn’t mean your input will be followed. So, sometimes decisions are made and that’s it. That doesn’t mean you were ignored. It often means that your ideas were heard, but not heeded for a variety of reasons. Please don’t take that as a snub. Take it as how things sometimes work.

If it happens ALL the time, then yes, either ALL your ideas are bad (which is hard to imagine unless you’re beating a VERY DEAD horse) or someone is being a jerk.

To all those discussing communication in fedora. Is it unreasonable to discuss at fudcon, on irc and on mailing lists? Is it crazy to expect fedora contributors to use at least one of those mechanisms for finding out what’s going on in fedora?

I don’t think it is unreasonable at all.


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