being nice to dogs

March 10, 2009

Eunice sent me this quote this morning:

It can be very hard to get to where we’re trying go when there are strangers with dogs in our way. Even on our honeymoon in France, Melissa would stop and engage *anyone* provided they had a canine. Melis speaks about two words of French, but she would manage to use them successfully enough for ten, fifteen minute conversations as the dogs were adored, and my rumbling stomach died an agonizing mort!

To which I replied:

I think it is a truth universally acknowledged that people who have dogs will be nice to people who like their dogs independent of their language or country of origin. Being nice to dogs might as well be a universal greeting of peace. 🙂


One Response to “being nice to dogs”

  1. wade vidal Says:

    your mother knows all about this dog friendliness of dog people. she never met a dog she didn’t like or some one who didn’t like her dog. pater

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