yum benchmarks

June 18, 2009

About 30dozen people sent me to the test comparing yum to apt-deb. Always a fun comparison. It’d be even more fun if any of the numbers seemed accurate.

I put a short script together for myself – just to see how yum is doing.

Here’s the very simple script:


I ran it like this:

sudo ./yum-test.sh >> /tmp/simple-yum-results.txt 2>&1

Here are my results on my x61s laptop running F11:


Full disclosure. I had already updated the metadata b/c I didn’t feel like testing the network speed in this coffee shop. I also downloaded the pkgs that it installed already by pulling them into the cache with a yumdownloader. Again, I wanted to test yum (and rpm) not the bandwidth of  the coffee shop. I’m running yum 3.2.23-3.fc11 on a 686 install of f11.

Overall the numbers look pretty good to me. Run a test for yourself and point out your results below.

Update enabled repos for the benchmarks

sudo yum repolist
repo id             repo name                                 status
fedora              Fedora 11 – i386                          enabled: 13,289
updates            Fedora 11 – i386 – Updates                enabled:  1,988
repolist: 15,277