critical path package owners

July 14, 2009

So we’ve come up with a list of pkgs which are in the critical path for users and the distro itself.

You can find them here:

or by running:

yum –disablerepo=’*’ –enablerepo=’rawhide’ groupinfo \

critical-path-base critical-path-gnome

Today I took a little time and wrote a script:

that outputs who owns the critical path components from any of the three crit-path groups – core, critical-path-base and critical-path-gnome

You can find the output of the script here:

We’re not finished with the process yet, but if you find your name on this list you should start watching the critical path process to see what else you’ll need to know.

3 Responses to “critical path package owners”

  1. Will Woods Says:

    I’m sure you noticed, but you’re gonna need to depsolve out those groups.

    After doing that you want to produce a dict that maps users to packages:

    maintainer_dict = {}
    for pkg in big_damn_depsolved_pkg_list:
    for user in return_committers_by_pkg_name(pkg):
    if user in maintainer_dict:
    maintainer_dict[user] = [pkg]

    so we can present fedora-devel-list etc. with a nice big list of WHO IS DOOMED (AND WHY). Mwa ha ha!

  2. Will Woods Says:


  3. skvidal Says:

    Yep – I forgot the groups were not already depsolved. I’m also taking this opportunity to make the resolve_out_deps behave more sensibly for general use.

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