me, injured

July 27, 2009

me, injured

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good times. Hernias. You know what else is fun about hernias? I asked the doctor what I should have done to prevent this and his response was pretty much “have different parents?”. Apparently I was screwed from the word go.

So, if everyone notices me being grumpier than usual, this is why.


10 Responses to “me, injured”

  1. MikeG Says:

    Don’t think of it as a hernia. Think of it as having viscera so powerful, THEY CANNOT BE CONTAINED!

  2. Seth Vidal Says:

    Right, you’re a prince. no, really. I swear


  4. Seth Vidal Says:

    Teddy has suggested that I take this time to do some lighter (weight-wise) tasks. He’s right, of course. And since I won’t be exercising regularly I need to take the time to ligthen up on my diet, as well.

    So I think I’m going to see if the girl will teach me how to knit and I’ll work on sewing some random things for myself or for random people I decide to send them to. 🙂

  5. Yeah.. that must be a standard doctor joke. I got the same one for my hernia. The good news is that you are about to get your first bionic piece.. it may only be bullet-proof mesh.. but its a start. [Ask if you can get the embedded sound player so that when you bike after this you can go E-KK_KK_KK_KK. If you are really good they can do both sides to keep you even.

  6. Jay Dobies Says:

    I had hernia surgery a few years ago. The good part is that you are totally justified spending the following week on a couch popping pain killers. The drawback is that until the mesh softens, you feel like you’re sitting down with a pencil in your pocket.

  7. Ben Williams Says:

    Been there done this twice in the past, i can tell you from experience the first time is the easiest.

    may your surgery be quickly scheduled and you heal quickly

  8. “So, if everyone notices me being grumpier than usual, this is why.”

    Wait, I’m late to this party and no one has made a joke about this yet????

  9. Seth Vidal Says:

    Aww. I miss you, too.


  10. mom Says:

    Blame your grandfathers!

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