carl sagan

September 30, 2009

I saw this video at Stephen’s blog.

Colorpulse and carl sagan

Just fantastic to listen to.

translation discussion

September 9, 2009

James Antill and I talked about translation information the other day for a while. I decided to finally write up my impressions of what we talked about. I

Translations in packages/spec files:

translations (specspo) suck. A lot, in fact. You have to update a pkg constantly for information that is mostly  used in searching or listing pkg information.

There appear to be 2 times when you need to the translations:

1. searching for something you want: yum search blah
2. displaying info on something you have installed and don’t know what it does: yum info pkg or rpm -qi pkg

if we move all the description/summary translations into an additional metadata type in the repodata – and store them per lang/locale then only the lang the yum process is running as need be downloaded.

Once a package is installed the translated metadata would be stored in the yumdb so yum and yum-using tools can access it again. Alternatively if rpm has a place for us to stow this information in/around the rpmdb we can use that in lieu of the yumdb.

On the basis that most summary and description fields do not change often we could call for the translation freeze in package specs then the translators could do it all in transifex. We’d build the translation metadata from the repo that transifex writes to either at distro create and updates-push  times or really just whenever.

That’s the brunt of it.