October 29, 2009

I’ve heard of freudian slips but I really didn’t mean to type unicide.

Tim caught the issue but I think I could start a whole set of descriptions of the times unicode in python has made me want to commit unicide.


Limits to Growth

October 14, 2009

I’ve talked about concerns about resource constraints and population control before on this blog but that’s been in the context of fuel and food resources for everyone on the whole planet. I’d like to talk about limits to growth with regard to fedora.

Today rawhide is showing 15,131 packages. The primary sqlite metadata is 41M uncompressed, 9.7MB compressed.

That’s a pretty serious number on both counts.

Each pkg is roughly 3K in primary, between primary and filelists the number comes out as about 8k per pkg.

Not a towering number but one we have to think about and keep in mind as we grow. Not only that number but also the disk space we use for cvs, lookaside cache, mirrors, koji, the processing time for building all those and the overhead of keeping track and riding herd over all the users/contributors who are maintaining all these pieces.

Now, we can add more infrastructure and have more layers to help deal with the growth but we’re way beyond a human-scale operation anymore. Any one person is not going to be able to keep track of everything going on by themselves. Even with tools the management level is too chaotic to create a structured view of it. To know where everything is.

So the question I have is this: at what point do we think about this and take action? Anyone who says ‘never’ gets a remedial lesson in entropy.

And the follow on question: If it were up to you, how would you do it?

I’ve been catching up on planet fedora a bit and I noticed the conversation about Tatica’s 365 project being banned from the planet? I have no idea who made that line of crap up but let me make it very clear:

The last edit made to the file which is used to ban/block folks from the planet was august 15th due to someone’s blog getting cracked and spammed, I believe.

Tatica’s posts have not been banned by planet fedora and there have been zero requests from anyone to do so.

In my ridiculously arrogant opinion her blog posts from her 365 project are welcome.


October 13, 2009

I was reading the fracas about things that were said at some conference and then various people’s replies about how to refer to groups so as not to offend others and I realized there is a bizarre parallel that my S.O. pointed out to  me years ago from the knitting community.

If you need to refer to the overwhelming group of people who are not computing-involved and/or not open-source/linux involved – then refer to them by their lack of knowledge of the arcane magic: they are muggles.

Muggles is gender neutral, it’s an accurate representation, I’d say, based on the usage from harry potter books and it is not obviously a pejorative (depending on how it is used, of course (then again I can make ‘beautiful’ into a pejorative if I say it properly)).

What do you think? Muggles? good word for the non-computing/non-linux majority?

“We want to make [fedora|linux] easy enough so it is possible for muggles to easily setup their printers.”

The knitting world seems to refer to non-knitters as muggles for the exact same reason – there is arcane magic that non-knitters do not know.