someone banned from planet fedora? umm no.

October 13, 2009

I’ve been catching up on planet fedora a bit and I noticed the conversation about Tatica’s 365 project being banned from the planet? I have no idea who made that line of crap up but let me make it very clear:

The last edit made to the file which is used to ban/block folks from the planet was august 15th due to someone’s blog getting cracked and spammed, I believe.

Tatica’s posts have not been banned by planet fedora and there have been zero requests from anyone to do so.

In my ridiculously arrogant opinion her blog posts from her 365 project are welcome.

13 Responses to “someone banned from planet fedora? umm no.”

  1. mairin Says:

    Hi Seth, I don’t think anybody was implying she was banned according to planet itself – rather, she received a number of communications with varying levels of civility strongly discouraging her from continuing to post to planet.

    Jerks, in my estimation, and I told her she shouldn’t let them bother her, but it seems they got nasty enough that she caved. 😦

  2. Michael Beckwith Says:

    She is not banned from posting to Planet Fedora, she has just received some complaints about her 365 Project posts to it, a minuscule amount of people complaining about the photos being “spam” to the planet. As you can perhaps see in the PF feed, right before this post, is a post from her. So she’s still around by all means.

  3. skvidal Says:

    I know. My point in posting was to put paid to any rumor that the fedora project had blocked her posts.

    • Joerg (kital) Simon Says:

      “who made that line of crap up”

      that seems me
      sorry, i never intended that “we” ban people technically

  4. tatica Says:

    thx for this post. I’m not banned at all. I think that I’ll never been banned. Thing is that sometimes you try to take the “protocol” of some situations and make people feel again with post, pictures, draws or anything.

    We live in permanent ouch with technology but sometimes we need someone to tell us “hey… you’re human too”. My posts were about whats the human side of a technician person (in my case a girl) but some people love to be a machine.

    To them… I’ll do next week when I got my new replacement camera a big ,,I,, thx to all the people that supports this project. 😀

  5. Rahul Sundaram Says:


    Ignore the jerks and just continue doing what you enjoy. Planet is not a news site (we will be launching Fedora Insight soon for that purpose) It is meant to be a aggregate of Fedora contributor’s thoughts. None of your thoughts and expressions (as long as they remain civil) can be considered “off-topic” or “spam”.

  6. Kevin Kofler Says:

    Well, I wasn’t one of those “jerks” who complained about the photo series, but I really don’t see the value of a topicless hodgepodge of whatever people who happen to work on Fedora are writing about. Many contributors are filtering their posts to the planet to include only Fedora-related material, and IMHO that makes sense. People who read Planet Fedora want to read about Fedora, not photography or some random other subject. Posts already run off the bottom of the planet way too quickly.

    • skvidal Says:

      You’re more than welcome to your opinion but until you’re in any kind of position to do anything about it – then you’re just full of impotent and given what you wrote kinda-mean-spirited crap.

      Don’t speak for what “People who read planet fedora” want to read about. Speak for what YOU want but don’t go encompassing a group that you DO NOT and CANNOT speak for.

      • Kevin Kofler Says:

        So is it now “kinda mean-spirited” to expect posts on Planet SomeTopic to actually be about SomeTopic? As much as I’d like to be open and inclusive, I think there’s no way we can avoid drawing a line somewhere.

  7. G-man Says:

    Well ain’t it possible to filter certain catagories as visitor? For example I “hate” the non-english posts and would love to get rid of them. Would be situation good for both parties.

    And Tatica, I like your pics (learning something about Gimp :D)

    • Kevin Kofler Says:

      FWIW, I’m also personally unhappy about those posts written exclusively in a non-English language. It’s quite frustrating to “read” a post which reads like:
      “!”§$%&/()=? !”§$%&/()=? !”§$%&/()=? !”§$%&/()=? Fedora !”§$%&/()=? !”§$%&/()=? !”§$%&/()=? KDE !”§$%&/()=? !”§$%&/()=? !”§$%&/()=? !”§$%&/()=? !”§$%&/()=? !”§$%&/()=? !”§$%&/()=? !”§$%&/()=? !”§$%&/()=?”
      My reaction: What the heck is he/she trying to tell us? I know the topic interests me from the few words I recognize, but I can’t even read the alphabet being used, let alone understand the text. I speak 4 languages and understand several more at least partly, and some people certainly understand even more languages than me, but I don’t think anybody on the entire planet (let alone on Planet Fedora) understands ALL languages. In fact, if you write in a non-English language, chances are high most people reading the planet WON’T understand you.

      But we (as in, “me, you and those others who complained”) already lost that argument, and it seems we’re losing for the off-topic stuff as well. 😦

    • Kevin Kofler Says:

      And FWIW, the real problem is not Tatica’s pics, it’s that if everyone uses Planet Fedora that way, posts which are actually about Fedora will get drowned.

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