yum nag plugin

November 2, 2009

James and I were talking on irc about things we see in bugs that make us cringe. That people  are doing on their systems with yum or rpm or vaguely related. It reminded me of this list of  sysadmin aphorisms that I worked on about 3 or 4 yrs ago now.

So I was thinking what we need is a  yum nag plugin that when you run it as root it would emit some warnings about things you probably don’t want to be doing. Examples:

1. Warning: You have 10+ plugins installed and enabled, this is probably going to have odd effects

2. Warning: You have more than 5000 pkgs installed. Do you really need all that stuff?

3. Warning: Your system has been up for 528 days. Massive uptimes aren’t  as cool as you think

4. Warning: We’ve search ~/.bash_history and found evidence of –force and/or –nodeps – these are not wise.

5. Warning: You’ve disabled gpg checking. Bad, Bad.

6. Warning: You have 10 repositories enabled and 30 available. Seriously?

7. Warning: You have 4 versions of perl|python|ruby installed – this is just going to end in tears

8. Warning: Rawhide is enabled. I hope you know what you’re doing.

9. Warning: You have kernel modules installed. Good luck with those distro upgrades.


What else should be added here?



10 Responses to “yum nag plugin”

  1. Stephen Smoogen Says:

    Warning: Your mother wanted to know about the grandkids.

    Warning: We checked your computer and 256MB of ram and 8GB of swap is rather silly.

    Error: you can’t wear those socks with that shirt.

  2. AnonymousCoward Says:

    Yes. That’s just genius. And then let’s move on and add “Are you sure you want to do that ?” dialogs to all those applications that don’t have them already.

  3. Bucky Says:

    Well, true freedom includes the freedom to behave unwisely. Every so often, the weirdos get it right, and those sticking to conventional wisdom get it wrong.

  4. skvidal Says:

    /me wonders what folks misread about ‘plugin’.

  5. kashyap chamarthy Says:

    hi seth,

    your blog post makes a lot of sense(at least for me) . Folks keep asking me about no. of plugins they can have/no. of repositories they can create/exist..etc..etc

    A nice sort of warning(and “hope you know what you’re doing”) messages should be good.

  6. mpdehaan Says:

    You appear to be installing Eclipse. Have you considered taking up dentistry?

  7. anonymouse Says:

    Maybe when package maintainers start paying attentions to reported bugs and producing -devel packages that don’t produce clashes between the .i586 and .x86_64 packages, I can stop using –nodeps and –force.

  8. Kevin Kofler Says:

    Just say “no” to multilibs. They aren’t installed by default anymore for a reason.

  9. Mr. Icon Says:

    Warning: You installed acroread. We have replaced your desktop wallpaper with goatse to help soothe your eyes after each use.

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