kopers/ppas progress

March 26, 2010

We had a meeting on wednesday about kopers and what they all meant and whether or not fedora should encourage or discourage such things.

We didn’t really decide any of those things but Toshio and I came up with two pieces of the  whole system to work on that, even if we decide kopers are a bad idea, will still be useful things to have written:

1. an authenticated task scheduler using python/tg and/or possibly amqp

2. a way to build inside a vm instead of only inside a chroot.

Toshio is working 1 and I’m working on 2.


One Response to “kopers/ppas progress”

  1. Just a quick note – I talked to Jono on IRC and he seemed happy to give us some insight from Ubuntu’s perspective, I sent him an email with some questions, waiting to hear back from him on that.

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