language choice and systems administration

May 25, 2010

This is a note to all companies or projects or people considering working on some sort of  systems administration tool or platform or interface.


Here’s why:

Red Hat




These companies use python for an OVERWHELMING number of items in their sysadmin/build/deploy/maintenance tooling. A massive amount of their code is already in python. They can work with it, you can import their modules, and you don’t have to yet another frelling language installed just to maintain your systems.

So when confronted with a choice of a language don’t think about it anymore than python.


5 Responses to “language choice and systems administration”

  1. Juanjo Says:

    I’ve been using Perl for some time, mainly because: it’s installed by default in the Linux systems I’ve worked on and… CPAN.

    I’m trying to move to Python just because of the prejudices of the market. It doesn’t matter that it’s just a small script for a small task, seems that it’s OK writing bad code in Python 😉

  2. Thinking about desktops?


    Over 90% percent of desktop computers run it. HP, Google, IBM, Oracle workstations run Windows. You can hardly buy a laptop computer without a version of Windows preinstalled.

    So when confronted with a choice of platform for your desktop application, don’t think about it anymore. That’s the most important part — stop thinking.

    PS: It runs python perfectly, for the added value.

    • rich Says:

      Heh, nailed it 🙂

      Writing any software in a fundamentally unsafe language or operating system is a bad idea. Engaging the brain before choosing your tools is essential.

  3. Phillip Says:

    The linux distributions with the best sysadmin tools are Mandriva and Suse.

    I don’t know what language is most used in Suse, but Mandriva tools a usally written in perl.

    Anyway, the most important is already said in the comment by Lubomir Rintel!

  4. What is this “Sun” thing you write of?

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