repoquery docs

June 22, 2010

Typed up some docs on repoquery since it seems like we answer a lot of questions about it and it is VERY commonly used.

This and other yum/yum-utils/createrepo/etc docs can be found at:

additions/comments welcome.

A friend pointed me at:

which ultimately pointed me to:

which annoyed me b/c it had a deb but no rpm. So I made one

if you’re a f13 user you can run:

yum –nogpgcheck install

and it will install it (and it’s one dependency) for you.

no, I’m not submitting it to fedora b/c I don’t know if I’ll use it and therefore not sure I want to maintain it.

Just wanted to put this up as something to check out:

yum in late f12 and f13 grew a ‘history’ command. It does A LOT and is worth checking out:

And there are a number of other yum docs available at:

but definitely check out yum history.