bikes and patriotism

July 29, 2010

Subject of the political leanings of cyclists came up in an ugly way on a mailing list I’m on today. I wrote the following and wanted to share it with others:

I think that no matter your political feelings it is fair to say that bicycling is a good idea.

– if you lean left it is protecting the environment of our country and protecting the country from too much influence by the oil industry.

– if you lean right then I can think of nothing more responsible and conservative than riding a bike to decrease our reliance on foreign
oil and a giant screw-off to the organizations who get money from oil-holding nations/empires.

– if you’re a centrist then it’s just common sense to save money and be healthy.

– if you’re anti-gov’t then most places do not require bicycle registration so you can say screw you to the system.

bicycling is a win all the way around, in my opinion and the people who don’t like bicycles or don’t think they should be encouraged are
just jerks. And those people are in every political organization I’ve ever seen – no matter where in the spectrum. 🙂

yay for bikes.
boo for jerks.

I’m sure I’ll get some sort of snarky remark from someone but I liked it.


July 26, 2010

home is where you can enter w/o knocking and eat any of the food w/o asking and w/o anyone giving you any crap about it.

Miss Chang Im’d me this this morning.

Read the whole thing.

Now, figure out  which one of the two panelists you are more like.

Figure, out which one of the two panelists you want fedora to be more like.

Guess we have to keep up the conversation folks….