searching package tags from the pkgdb

August 19, 2010

In the last round of roll outs the fedora packagedb added tags and ratings to the site. A great bit of work by mbacovsk, maploin and toshio made this happen. I added support for yum to use the db  that the pkgdb can spit out, searching on the tags for pkgs, provided that the info is in the repodata. It’s not quite percolated to the top of anyone’s list to get it into the repodata in bodhi. However with the advent of repos.fp.o I now have a good place to store this and make it accessible to users.

So make sure you have yum updated on your system – at least yum 3.2.26.

1. Grab this file: and stuff it in /etc/yum.repos.d/ on your system

2. run: yum search sometag someothertag someothertag

That’s it!

I’ll update the repo ever so often until the round-tuits are compiled for it to be added into the updates repodata automagically.


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