stop energy

September 8, 2010

I hate this expression. I hate it strongly and I hate it fervently. This expression is really in code. What it means to say is:

“there are people arguing against me and I don’t like what they have to say, since they are trying to caution me from blundering ahead in a ridiculous fashion, I’m going to label them ‘stop energy’ and not listen anymore”

If you want to disregard warnings, If you want to disagree on what is being warned about. These are all fine – but applying the label ‘stop energy’ doesn’t do anything other than attempt to pejoratively label good old fashioned common sense and caution.

Sometimes the ‘yield signs’ are there for a reason. It’s b/c you may not notice you’re going to drive yourself off a cliff and take a bunch of the rest of us on a trip with you.


3 Responses to “stop energy”

  1. Alex Hudson Says:

    Conversely, I would suggest that classic stop energy is deployed when someone has run out of convincing arguments to argue against something, or didn’t have any to begin with.

    It cuts both ways.

    • Mike McGrath Says:

      It doesn’t quite cut both ways. When someone labels an argument as stop energy, it could very well be a convincing argument and said labeler has just decided to stop listening to reason.

      This runs rampant in Fedora since no one has any say in anything. The changes get made by people doing the work, there’s no “should we do this” group. Anyway, just because some “doer” has called something stop-energy doesn’t make it so.

  2. nicu Says:

    This thing about ‘stop energy’ seems to come a lot lately from our Desktop team

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