fudcon travel time + day 1

January 30, 2011

– Flight from DFW sat on the tarmac for just under 2hours getting the AC fixed. Mainly amusing b/c the guy in the same row as me spent a good portion of time convinced that the real problem was b/c of the technician fixing it was in a union. Deeply odd chain of logic

– Shuttle to hotel stops running at 10pm. My flight would have been in at 9:00 but now instead in at 10:40. Taxi to airport not that expensive so

– Mostly dead to the world for much of the first night but sat down and talked with ricky and ian and others in the lobby for a little bit. Inadvertently suggested evil things which ricky and ian immediately did and I’m still not sure Will knows about it yet. 🙂

– Got to look at the fudcon flyers/etc which are just ridiculously well thought out – including the ‘leave blank space so we can add a sticker with last minute updates’

Day 1:

– get to the big room. Meet up with James and finally meet Florian Festi. Spend a good deal of time talking about yum and depsolving with Florian.

– Talks get sorted out but we end up going for an impromptu meeting of Fedora Infrastructure – mainly so Smooge can get coffee but also so we can talk about what we are NOT doing and what we need to do.

– Lunch and a fabulous day sitting in the sun.

– Following lunch another impromptu meeting but this time of people who work in packaging at red hat. Valuable – lots of notes taken. Nice to know some targets

– Mmcgrath’s clouds will rule the world talk. Pretty much what I expected but the rhcloud stuff he demoed was pretty bad-ass.

– Cloudfs talk by Jeff Darcy. May be coming to a fedorapeople.org near you soon. It’s like AFS but w/o all the hair ripping and angst.

– Gave the much-longer-than-it-should-have-been-b/c-network-flaked-out version of how to start up ec2 and rackspace cloud host instances to ricky and toshio and ricky and anyone else who was near by – I think there is much we can do from there.

– Dinner, eventually, then back to the hotel for a lot more fedora infrastructure discussion and we kinda set some goals for our hackfest.

– Collapse in a pile in the room.



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