fedora planet – edited

February 11, 2011

Hi folks,

Andrea Veri (averi) came up the idea of having a planet instance that is fairly strictly controlled as to what content gets posted. More or less only fedora-relevant posts.

He wrote up guidelines and a wiki page ,etc.




10 Responses to “fedora planet – edited”

  1. Juanjo Says:

    I’m very careful that the stuff I post in planet fedora is only fedora related, but I must confess that I like people posting stuff about their lives and not-strictly-fedora but open source.

    So, if planet fedora >> planet fedora edited, I don’t know if it’s going to be successful.

  2. skvidal Says:

    nothing is being replaced – it is a subplanet path with only fedora content.

    some people do not want to hear about people’s lives and that’s what this allows.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Zuissi, Planet Fedora. Planet Fedora said: Seth vidal: fedora planet – edited: Hi folks, Andrea Veri (averi) came up the idea of having a planet instance t… http://bit.ly/eunBxu […]

  4. pingou Says:

    The wiki page has no link to the actual place of the planet, might be nice to add 🙂

  5. Andrea Veri Says:


    actually planet-fedora is not the same as edited. Edited will focus on Fedora-related content while planet fedora will cover a wider area like it does now.


    link added, thanks for the suggestion.

  6. kad Says:

    I +1 this decision, as long as it is a sub-planet. Also, @seth your site is really hard to read :-/

  7. skvidal Says:

    kad it is?

    maybe ctrl-+ in your browser to bump your fonts?

    • kad Says:

      yah I ended up doing that, maybe is just the combination of font family + font size that plays tricks with my eyes 🙂

      • kOoLiNuS Says:

        probably that’s because you (like me right now) have an hi-res display …

        I can clearly remember this Simpla theme working charmfully with my older machines (even with a 1400×1050 laptop display)

  8. kOoLiNuS Says:

    as for “Just Fedora” I don’t really know how a planet feed works, but if it where a simple blog the annoied reader could just pick up the Fedora category feed.

    I mean, the “noise” introduced by having ALL the spoken languages in the world is much more than the ‘occasional’ pizza or Debian post here and there.

    Just my 0,02€

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