March 7, 2011

Shopping for a cell phone is hard.

really really hard.



9 Responses to “phones”

  1. For the record: I dropped my droid 2 in a bowl of salsa today. Still works.

  2. Rich Says:

    Unlocked Nexus S — works well for me.

  3. Jason Says:

    I’m loving my new HTC Droid Incredible. HTC Sense is pretty. I already dropped (Doh!!!) and it’s still working great!

  4. You know what makes it harder? Not telling us what your requirements are ;-).

    • skvidal Says:

      You know what’s even harder? Not entirely KNOWING what my requirements are. 🙂

      • Hehe, very true. Well, I just made the move to Sprint after being with Alltel for just under 4 years, and here’s what I got:

        LG Optimus S

        My wife and I both got them, and we’re actually getting ~1 month free service after all rebates and credits (there’s a credit for porting your number from another carrier).

        If you don’t want a contract, and Virgin Mobile has good coverage in your area, the LG Optimus V looks to be a great option.

        I’ve been happy with the Optimus so far (only had it a few days). Very snappy, despite being a somewhat entry-level Android phone. Has 2.2, and LG has promised a 2.3 update (they actually seem to be good on their promises). It runs ConnectBot like a champ, though the resolution is a little cramped.

  5. Pete Zaitcev Says:

    I did not know what to do with it either, so I bought myself a $20 ghetto phone with $7/mo non-contract from Virgin. Worst comes to worst, I just discard it any time — no hard feelings or termination fees. Coverage not the best, but whatever, it works in urban areas.

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