Recording this for posterity – in case I forget.

date +%F --date=@`rpm -qa --qf '%{installtime}\n' | sort -nr | tail -1`

I’m sure you’ve done this before. You add a file onto a system outside of any package and maybe outside of your config mgmt system and then you forget about it and when things go sideways you can’t find it and things get $bad.

Right, so this is a first version of a simple script to report the files which are on the system which are not owned by a package:

run it like: /etc /usr

and it will return the files in those dirs that are not owned by a package.

A couple of things it does – it ignores ~ and .bak files it also ignores .pp files (b/c those are selinux policy compilations) and it will skip over symlinks.

Give it a try – you might be shocked as to how much crap there is in /etc, I know I was. 🙂

I’ll have another version before long that combines this with looking into puppet manifests to see if the file is controlled by puppet.


ad block plus – plug

April 8, 2011

I recently had my extensions crash in chromium and I visited some websites I commonly go to for the first time without adblock plus enabled.

I hadn’t realized how ugly the internet is these days.

Ad block plus makes the internet significantly less ugly.

I restarted my browser and then sent the guy who maintains it some cash for his work in making the internet less god-awful ugly.



I heard about this new linux distro: cantebury linux. It’s combining debian, opensuse, arch, grml, gentoo and more.

I’ve also heard they have a new pkg manager. It’s going to be called “cant”.

Commands would work like”

cant install anything
cant remove anything
cant update anything