2step auth for your gmail accounts

June 8, 2011

Been seeing a lot of random spam from known people on gmail accounts recently. People whose accounts got phished or brute-force-cracked or what-not.

I’d like to suggest folks using gmail look HARD at using this:


it’s easy to setup and once you have it in place you’ve just made things much, much harder for folks to abuse. Not impossible, you’re not completely safe. But you are in a better position than you were before.

(caveat please don’t blame me b/c the guy in this video desperately needs to shave, it drove me nuts, too)



3 Responses to “2step auth for your gmail accounts”

  1. Thruhike98 Says:

    This does look like a good idea. I hesitated to use it – thinking I would set it, forget it, and then take a trip where my CDMA cellphone doesn’t work and have no access to email. (Jet-setter that I am.) Didn’t realize there is a 30-day window – that makes it better.

  2. dragonbite Says:

    I have been using it for a while now and getting used to it.

    I do like how your profile/account login is only through the browser, and your (local) applications get their own passwords.

    So if I am using my Linux laptop which predominately uses local apps (Thunderbird, etc.) it uses the easily-recycled application passwords and if somebody ends up plucking it from the sky they cannot use it to get into my account settings.

    Another side-benefit is if somebody does try and break into your account, your phone is going to ring with the verification code, which is a tip-off!

  3. timlau Says:

    Works very well, thanks for pointing in the right direction 🙂

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