like chkconfig –list

November 4, 2011

reminder to me so I can find this later

for i in /lib/systemd/system/*.service; do svc=`basename $i`; stat=`systemctl is-enabled $svc`; echo -en “$svc\t\t$stat\n”; done



6 Responses to “like chkconfig –list”

  1. Josh Says:

    “systemctl list-unit-files –full” is pretty darn close to the same thing, though that subcommand appears to be missing from the manpage. I discovered it in –help.

  2. yeah, I’m pretty sure systemctl can do most of what you need.

    Josh: list-unit-files and –full both seem to be documented in the man page, at least in latest F16. There’s also list-units .

  3. Josh Says:

    Adam: Aha, list-unit-files is not mentioned in systemd-36, but I see systemd-37 in updates-testing, and indeed there it has a brief mention.

  4. James Says:

    “chkconfig –list” just needs to be fixed. At worst by RHEL-7 … it’s kind of sad that it hasn’t been fixed already, but not unexpected I guess.

  5. jahor Says:

    nice, for completeness i think it needs to be extended with list of services defined/customized in /etc

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