copr – testers needed soon

December 10, 2012

Bohuslav and I have been diligently working on the copr buildsystem code in the last month or so. We originally targetted the middle of november but that wasn’t to be. However, right now we have working rough-around-the-edges code. It has some completed successful builds so we know that part works.

A little background:

copr is intended to provide a safe place for packages to be built that are not packages that are not or cannot be built in fedora. Think of it as a place where you can scratch and chain build whatever you want (up to the obvious limits of legality :). It takes your packages, builds them against themselves and puts the repo up available for download.

Why not just do this in koji?

  1. koji is just for fedora builds
  2. koji does not allow external, arbitrary repositories for build deps
  3. koji’s builders are not destroyed and cleaned after each build
  4. koji just isn’t designed to do what copr does and grafting it on top of koji is a dangerous proposition to the safety and security of fedora builds.

How does copr do things?

You submit your build request (name of the copr, chroots to build against, repos to use to build and the list of src.rpms to build) into the frontend. The backend takes this request, creates a builder in our private cloud, builds the pkgs, pulls back the results onto a webserver, provides you with a link to the results and destroys the builder.

What’s the status right now?

The backend code works, but there are a lot of rough edges to sand down. The frontend code works, but there is a bunch of ui work needed there (right now Ryan Lerch is creating some mockups for how things should be). The code is available from the link at the top. Right now everything is in two branches a front end branch (bkabrda-workspace) and a backend branch (skvidal-backend). We’ll be merging them into master in short order.

We’ll be sending out a call for folks to help test in the not-so-distant future. The whole goal is to provide a place for people to build packages they would like to have available but maybe cannot have in fedora for one reason or another.


  • alternative configuration/build options for an existing package
  • not very easy to package in fedora (bundling, etc) but perfectly good software otherwise
  • test builds
  • your idea here
  • builds based on other repos that are not included in fedora

Things which cannot be in a copr:

  • software which are not legal to include in fedora


The fedora buildsys mailing list ( is where we will discuss things  going forward but I just wanted to let people know what we’ve been working on.



2 Responses to “copr – testers needed soon”

  1. This is an amazing idea. I have so many self-built packages on my home machine, but can’t provide them due to the pains of: setting up a repo on a webserver of my own; incorrect local dependencies vs.upstream distro; only old local distro release to build against, no F17/F18; no nerve to go through the Fedora package approval chain; and so on. Of course some stuff with flaky licenses as well. 😉

    Looking forward to this, starting to filter my list of packages. 🙂
    aqemu, autopano-sift-C, avfs, avld, bsc, cbase, CImg, codeblacks, codelite, crunchyfrog, davfs2, di, dov4l2, duma, efax-gtk, epstool, eviacam, figlet, gocr, griffith, gtkparasite, key-mon, kpcli, luvcview, mediainfo, mga_vid, ocre, palantir, perl-File-KeePass, pipemeter, popper, pysize, rats, rofs, rofs-filtered, smbnetfs, sudokut, vloopback, yum-google, yum-skype, … [NOT SPAM, thanks.]

    Where’s the Wiki entry with the list of packages not allowed in Fedora for which reasons?

  2. gibson Says:

    This Wiki page lists why packages were removed/deprecated, but I recall a list of rejected packages as well. But perhaps you’d need to go through bugzilla to actually find all rejections:

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