openstack name changes

June 19, 2013

dear #openstack people.

I just read

From now on you will stop it with the cutsie naming.

the network bits will be called ‘network’
the compute bits will be called ‘compute’
the block storage will be called ‘blockstore’
the object store will be called ‘objectstore’
the authn/z bits will be called ‘authenticaton’
the image storage will be called ‘imagestore’

If there are other major components you need – they will named precisely based on what they are.
If you rev those pieces in major ways you will just iterate the major version number.

If you cannot cope with these rules someone is going to drop heavy things near your toes.

You have used up all your name change turns. You are done.

5 Responses to “openstack name changes”

  1. Jamie Nguyen Says:

    YES! +1000 but likely never going to happen 😦

  2. Derek Carter Says:

    Amen +∞

    And while you’re at it take a look at

  3. James Antill Says:

    If this works can you do the same thing for disto.. releases?

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