Centos Microshift!

October 19, 2010

Totally getting one of these for whatever bike I can possibly put it on:


if for no other reason than to have a Centos Component made by Microshift.



bikes and patriotism

July 29, 2010

Subject of the political leanings of cyclists came up in an ugly way on a mailing list I’m on today. I wrote the following and wanted to share it with others:

I think that no matter your political feelings it is fair to say that bicycling is a good idea.

– if you lean left it is protecting the environment of our country and protecting the country from too much influence by the oil industry.

– if you lean right then I can think of nothing more responsible and conservative than riding a bike to decrease our reliance on foreign
oil and a giant screw-off to the organizations who get money from oil-holding nations/empires.

– if you’re a centrist then it’s just common sense to save money and be healthy.

– if you’re anti-gov’t then most places do not require bicycle registration so you can say screw you to the system.

bicycling is a win all the way around, in my opinion and the people who don’t like bicycles or don’t think they should be encouraged are
just jerks. And those people are in every political organization I’ve ever seen – no matter where in the spectrum. 🙂

yay for bikes.
boo for jerks.

I’m sure I’ll get some sort of snarky remark from someone but I liked it.

1. as Josh said we have rescued deltarpms from apparent unavailability 🙂

2. nahbs is going to be in richmond, va next year.

3. yehuda moon is coming back in June

4. eunice and I did a nice (and somewhat quick) 50 mile cap2cap ride this morning.

I’m sure tomorrow will go very very wrong. 🙂

bike lust, etc

November 26, 2008

Things on my infinite bike lust list. And always welcome at the casa-de-vidal:

Jitensha Ebisu Holy crap are these elegant

Rivendell Atlantis These people are just cool

Bilenky Midland Tourist There is a lot to like in this company

Velo-Orange Pass Hunter Again – super elegant

Pretty much anything from Fastboy Ezra is kinda a bad ass when it comes to making anything

And finally check out the 4th page of the rivendell holiday flyer. It’s the page that starts with “Happy Holidays?”

It’s nice to see a company being fairly human about things.

Where have I been?

October 29, 2008

I’ve been sewing.

I’ve been reading vbq.

I’ve already voted.

Dressing warmly (oddly?) for biking.

and I’ve also been making releases of yum and createrepo. Yes, I know I’ve not made announcements about them, yet. The yum release may have a couple of issues with –skip-broken and so we’re mulling a new release for it.

I’ve also recently written a rather silly yet oddly functional yum plugin

I know I’ve done other things but those are the ones I can link to from a post easily. 🙂

recent non-work reading

October 23, 2008

I read all sorts of stuff on the internets. Most of the time it is related to linux in some way or another. Last weekend, however, I found the collection of bridgestone bicycles catalogues collected by the late Sheldon Brown. The earlier ones look a lot like most bike catalogues. The last 3 years are, however, different.

The 1994 catalogue in particular has some interesting pages worth reading:

Pages 6 and 7 making things last

Page 11 beeswax – nature’s loctite

Page 20 more than I ever knew about butted tubing and how to make it

Page 26 all about the virtues of wool – something miss chang agrees with heartily

Pages 51 onward – all about how various metals are made and at what environmental cost

I was utterly fascinated by them. Of course bridgestone no longer makes bicycles, however, the people who made bridgestone bicycles in this era have gone on to found rivendell bicycle works. Look over there for some of the most gorgeous bicycles you’ll ever see.

wheee free bikes!

May 30, 2008

I subscribe to a couple local bicycling-related mailing lists. Mostly it is people arguing about bike lanes or what-not but today someone emailed and said “I am moving and I have 3 older bikes I will give away to the first person who will come pick them up.” So, I emailed back and said I’d take them. I was evidently the first person b/c the guy called me back and told me where to come to pick them up. I hadn’t seen the bikes, I had just gotten a description from the email, but even if they were completely busted I could give them to the bike co-op for parts or just  use them for yard art :). Instead I get over to chapel hill (where the bikes are) and I find 3 very nice bikes that have clearly been kept in a garage. None of them is a particularly special bike but they’re all in reasonable shape late-70s/early 80s vintages with a mostly-working set of parts. I pop the wheels off, load them in the back of the fit (which, yes, will fit 3 bikes, no problem) and go grab some dinner.

Get home, unload things, set them all down to get a better look at them.

One is a 83ish peugeot city express. It’s kind of a metallic cyan. Steel frame, lugged, simple – very small — probably a 52-53cm. It also appears that it was ridden maybe once or twice then hung up for the last 25 years. Seriously, everything looks shiny and new and almost untouched. Brake pads, tires, gears, everything. It won’t fit either of us very well b/c of its size (I’m 6’1″ and eunice is 5’8″ish) but it’s a perfect bike otherwise. Nothing fancy, mind you, but it’ll work as an errand runner. Hell, even the tubes inflate and hold air.

The next is a trek 620 maybe from 84. Again small-ish frame – maybe 54cm at the most. This bike was clearly someone’s commuter. It was fitted out right for it and it had a lot of dirt on the wheels/hubs and bottom bracket. It’s got a bit of rust coming through on the front fender eyelets but nothing horribly bad. The braze-ons for the cable routing are also seeing some rust but there’s no real stress on them, a little rustoleum and sandpaper may straighten them out. The brakes are in reasonable shape the hoods need some love and the bar foam is a bit quaint but still, not a bad bike. If it were about 4-5cm larger it’d be perfect for me. I’ll see where I can find this a good home

The last one is an Atala Milano. It’s an Italian manufacturer – claimed to be from about ’79. I looked it up on the Late Sheldon Brown’s website and it’s nothing terribly fancy. Nice steel frame, pretty lugs, no rust, some dirt, cool looking half-chrome fork. It’s pretty spiffy. Brake cables and housing are pretty well shot but ALMOST functional. Shifters are in great shape. Components are the very-shiny but simple and functional suntour AR components.  I’m pretty sure it has 27″ wheels which is the only odd bit. This is a fine looking bike.  It’s probably the largest of the 3 but It still feels awfully small to me.  I think we may strip this one down and Eunice and I will work on building it as a run-around-town bike and teach ourselves a bit more about putting a bike back together with different bits than what you took it apart with. And if we screw it up, oh well, we’re out NOTHING!

Those are my free bikes I picked up, today. I think I will be able to find good, caring homes for them and hopefully get a couple more folks out on bikes.

Here’s a picture of eunice being weird with the three of them: