a proper morning

May 19, 2008

1. Get up

2. put on something nearby

3. bike to downtown

4. say ‘hmm, beignets, that sounds healthy’

5. acquire beignets. Talk to pizza maker about pizza business and bikes

6. bike toward home

7. talk to friend you pass about dogs and bikes

8. pass coffee shop

9. turn around, acquire a voltaire (mocha + espresso) in big steel thermos

10. pass your girl going to the gym, flag her down

11. Give her 5 of your beignets

12. Bike home

13. Give contractor 2 of your beignets

14. Enjoy remaining 5 beignets yourself

15. enjoy coffee, too.


Curious statistic:

The world grows in net population about 1 durham every day. That means that we add, in population, a city the size of durham, each day.

Durham’s population is roughly what is listed here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durham%2C_nc

The world population growth, net, is listed here:


For those of you about durham. It’s where I happen to live. It’s hard to conceive of the world adding a durham every day.

Maybe we should work hard at creating better contraceptives and encouraging their use.

coworking institute

September 9, 2007

Reading Luis’ blog about this in NYC. I would love to see something similar in downtown durham.

A location where the normal work-from-home crowd could come by, get a cup of coffee, a sandwich, meet some other people who do similar things.. Sounds like the perfect place to connectors and mavens to get to know each other (in the tipping point jargon)