addendum about mouth pain

September 12, 2007

Eunice thought I should add what I IM’d to her:

here are the worst-case scenarios for my mouth pain:
1. infection in my tooth – it needs to be extracted
2. infection in my jaw – I have to go to the hospital for multiple days to fight the infection
3. infection in my skull – I die
4. infection in my brain – I slowly go insane and then die
after I typed this she started laughing uncontrollably. Not pleased with her.



September 12, 2007

I’ve been experiencing some mouth pain over the last couple of days. As some people here who have read deep into the past I have a history of mouth pain.

The root canal from about 3 years ago appears to have gone a bit sideways. I have an appointment on Thursday for suffering. I’m suspecting there will be an infection and some inflammation followed by an enormous amount of pain and then maybe an enormous bill. Well, I guess I get to try out that shiny new red hat dental insurance!