December 22, 2010

Most significant:

“North Korea is retaliating for a November artillery attack — with an onslaught of faxes to South Korea, an official said Wednesday.”

I can see the conversation in the whitehouse now:

Advisor: “Mr. President we’ve received reports that S. Korea is currently being bombarded”

President Obama: “Dear God, with what? Conventional? Nuclear?”

Advisor: “Umm… Faxes, sir”

President Obama: “Umm. What?”

Advisor: “Yes, sir, Faxes”

President Obama: “Are you fucking with me b/c it’s Christmas?”

Advisor: “No, Sir, Kinda wish I was”

President Obama: “they’re sending messages via communication that was last featured in what? 1995?”

Advisor: “yes, sir”

President Obama: “righty-o, well, tell the s. koreans we hope they recycle”

Advisor: “Sir, yes, sir.”

Seriously  N. Korea is sending propaganda via fax. It’s so cute. It’s like their trying to stampede into S. Korea on horseback with sabers waving in the air. It must be odd having missed roughly the last 25 yrs of commercial technological development b/c your country is run by an idiot asylum escapee.

happy solstice everyone

December 21, 2010

We missed the eclipses b/c we both thought ‘midnight dec 21st’ meant the EVENING of the 21st not the morning of the 21st but whatever.

Next total lunar eclipse viewable from NA is in 2014 so it’s not the end of the world.

I was a bit sad I missed it but mostly just annoyed at how we refer to time between 2 days.

It’s just like ‘this thursday’ vs ‘next thursday’ and how I just want to slap people who assume one or the other.

anyway – happy solstice. Turn on your lights and make it through tonight, it’s all uphill from here until midsummer.