fudcon travel time + day 1

January 30, 2011

– Flight from DFW sat on the tarmac for just under 2hours getting the AC fixed. Mainly amusing b/c the guy in the same row as me spent a good portion of time convinced that the real problem was b/c of the technician fixing it was in a union. Deeply odd chain of logic

– Shuttle to hotel stops running at 10pm. My flight would have been in at 9:00 but now instead in at 10:40. Taxi to airport not that expensive so

– Mostly dead to the world for much of the first night but sat down and talked with ricky and ian and others in the lobby for a little bit. Inadvertently suggested evil things which ricky and ian immediately did and I’m still not sure Will knows about it yet. 🙂

– Got to look at the fudcon flyers/etc which are just ridiculously well thought out – including the ‘leave blank space so we can add a sticker with last minute updates’

Day 1:

– get to the big room. Meet up with James and finally meet Florian Festi. Spend a good deal of time talking about yum and depsolving with Florian.

– Talks get sorted out but we end up going for an impromptu meeting of Fedora Infrastructure – mainly so Smooge can get coffee but also so we can talk about what we are NOT doing and what we need to do.

– Lunch and a fabulous day sitting in the sun.

– Following lunch another impromptu meeting but this time of people who work in packaging at red hat. Valuable – lots of notes taken. Nice to know some targets

– Mmcgrath’s clouds will rule the world talk. Pretty much what I expected but the rhcloud stuff he demoed was pretty bad-ass.

– Cloudfs talk by Jeff Darcy. May be coming to a fedorapeople.org near you soon. It’s like AFS but w/o all the hair ripping and angst.

– Gave the much-longer-than-it-should-have-been-b/c-network-flaked-out version of how to start up ec2 and rackspace cloud host instances to ricky and toshio and ricky and anyone else who was near by – I think there is much we can do from there.

– Dinner, eventually, then back to the hotel for a lot more fedora infrastructure discussion and we kinda set some goals for our hackfest.

– Collapse in a pile in the room.


fudcon day -1

January 28, 2011

Leaving for tempe in a few hours. I’ve got a laundry list of things (and people) to talk to and I have this sinking feeling I’ll not be able to get to it all (or remember everything if I do). However, I’ve got a bunch of items prepared and I’m quite looking forward to the yum/rpm/packaging discussions and the Fedora Infrastructure meeting/hackfest/talk.

I’ll be getting in tonight around 9:50ish localtime – otherwise I’ll be in airports all day.

Those who may need my attention on something know how to get in touch.


during our outage and other fun on sunday/monday in fedora I had call to use func-command to give me some info. Thought I’d post that here.

needed to find all the hosts that were mounting a certain machine via nfs:

func-command ‘grep phx2-3.storage /proc/mounts’

returned that quickly.

ditto with finding out which systems were mounting it via iscsi.

Now – the objection here is ‘can’t you do this with ssh?’. That’s true except with ssh for many of the commands I would need to:

1. enable ssh as root or  sudo first and muck with all that

2. and then parse that all back.

func-command handles that for me.

Also func records all the commands it runs in its audit log:

2011-01-23 22:45:54,966 – puppet1 3550176746 command.run called with (‘grep phx2-3.storage /proc/mounts’,)

Thought it was cool and that I would mention it.



January 12, 2011

This came up in a discussion last week so I thought I’d work up a
functional plugin to let people enhance.

Yum currently has some nifty verify() functionality – mostly exposed on
the cli via the verify plugin. It does all the things that rpm -V does
but it has nicer output and can be configured a lot more.

One thing that’s always bugged me is that in all the verification
processes we’ve never taken into account the checksums or other value
changes that we intentionally make and know about in config management
systems like cfengine, bcfg2 or puppet.

In yum, now, we have a plugin hook for the file verification process for
this specific point. It allows us to  add in the values that we should
see from the config mgmt system so that if the files on disk don’t match
what was originally in the rpm package but do match what we intended to
see from the config mgmt changes then it doesn’t alert about it.

So here’s the reverify plugin and accompanying scripts – just a simple,
working, proof of concept.


obviously change the paths to not be in my homedir. 🙂