multilingual planet

March 29, 2006

To anyone reading this on fedora people/planet fedora – if there were suddenly blog posts in multiple languages to help include folks working and blogging about fedora in other languages would anyone (well, anyone who matters 😉 throw a hissy fit?

If you do, email me – skvidal at

Fedora is an international effort and I can’t think why a number of different languages (and maybe some strategically placed ‘translate this’ buttons) wouldn’t be okay.

jury duty – redux

March 28, 2006

I went, I didn’t take atlas shrugged – I took the book I’ve been reading – the weather makers, instead. I sat for a while, they called me up. I was dismissed with cause by the prosecution. I don’t think they believed I was capable of finding the particular defendant guilty. They might have been right. The phrase “not comfortable sublimating my will to the will of the state” may have had something to do with that. Now, before anyone thinks I threw things to get away, I didn’t. The question they were asking was extremely weirdly phrased and I wouldn’t be comfortable affirming the claim at all. So, since they were, in essence, asking me to give up my own judgment to that of the judge I felt I should contravene such a statement.

So I sat some more in a room. A room strewn with bibles (which just creeped me out from a separation of church and state perspective). The bibles were there for swearing in for the believers. Others could simply affirm an oath, except that the oath mentioned god.

So I sat more in the room and talked a bit, read a lot, generally wanted to be elsewhere.

Then I was excused and away I went. In 2 more years I’m sure I’ll be called again.

mmm jury duty

March 27, 2006

Jury Duty tomorrow. I’ll take my copy of atlas shrugged to see if I can get out of it.

Wish me luck on getting out of the civic duty that most people loathe.

yum 2.6.0

March 7, 2006

In case folks don’t see this hit rawhide and aren’t on yum-list:

Yum 2.6.0 was released

We even tested it and it seems to continue to work.

We’re going to be starting on a new development track which I hope will rip out the last of the ugly things and give us a better api by the time it is done. If you have some ideas and want to contribute code please comment on yum-devel list.