ticket 182

August 27, 2009


if you’re working with yum and you encounter an error like:

Running rpm_check_debug ERROR with rpm_check_debug vs depsolve:

and it says anything about kernels and/or kernel-modules. Please see ticket 182 before filing a new ticket.



August 20, 2009

Had hernia surgery yesterday. The nerve block ALMOST worked but they missed a couple of sections b/c my spinal column is not as visible as other people’s (that’s code for I have a fat back).

So I woke up in a rather impressive amount of pain. Moving around is an adventure in “how will this hurt”. Eunice has been taking very lovely care of me. In general it feels like I was kicked repeatedly in my lower right abdomen by someone who thoroughly enjoys kicking.

I’m taking the rest of this week off to keep from being useless and dazed. I’m stopping the percocet and moving toward ibuprofen now. I’ve been around on irc and jabber a bit – but if anyone needs anything email me, directly. I’m looking at direct email a lot sooner than indirect email and I still have a metric arseload to sift through.

We have a new yum, createrepo, yum-metadata-parser and urlgrabber in rawhide and for all you people with fun ssl-based repos you’ll definitely like the urlgrabber and yum changes.

Count down starts today: 27 more days until I can ride a bike again.

First Finished Object

August 7, 2009

First Finished Object

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While I’m kept from riding and moving bikes about with my ridiculous injury I said I would do some light weight things. One of them was knitting. Lo’ and behold I have completed an object. It is a red hat-colored red hat. 🙂

Actually it was just going to be red but I decided to be silly in the middle and I wanted to learn how to change colors. I should make a blue and white one so fedora doesn’t feel lonely.

But I knit it – on my own size 6.5 (I think) needles and I switched over to double-pointed needles at the end. Miss Chang was quite helpful. Many thanks to her.

I thought of this from a suggestion that came out of this weeks fedora community brainstorming meeting. Then I thought about implementing it. Then after looking a bit I realized I already implemented it – but I may not have ever talked about it.

Let’s say you want to make your own repo of a number of pkgs but you don’t want to locally host the pkgs. They exist ‘out there’ somewhere and you want to make a repo of them but not provide the pkgs themselves. Here’s what you can do:

create a file and on each line paste the complete url (http://…..) to an rpm you want included in the repo. Save the file.

If you have createrepo 0.9.6 or 0.9.7 run:

createrepo -d -i thatfile /directory/where/you/want/repodata/dir/made

It should download those pkgs to a tmpdir, get their metadata out of them, put the metadata in the repo format and put the location of the pkgs as the urls you specified.

You can then put that ‘repodata’ dir it creates wherever you want and point yum to that path and yum will access it like a normal repo, but when the time comes to download the pkgs, yum will download them from the url you originally specified, not from a path relative to the location where the repodata is hosted.

It’s a pretty simple feature, actually. I wonder if  it is easy enough to use for something like kopers.